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About Us

Morgan's Robes, formerly known as Morgan's Alteration and Tuxedo, was founded in 1949 by Rev. Irvin W. Morgan Sr. and Ethel Morgan. In the beginning, our business offered custom tailoring and alteration services but expanded to renting tuxedos in 1951. We enjoyed catering to our clients' needs.

Later in 1978, we began selling graduation, spiritual, and clergy wear. We designed everything from clergy cassocks to kindergarten graduation robes. For the next 27 years, we worked hard to create the best products for our customers. Our owners fulfilled orders at 2300 St. Louis Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, until they retired.

In November 2004, our former owners' youngest daughter, Phyliss Morgan Spragin, opened our newest location in Trussville, Alabama. Like her parents, Phyliss enjoys producing affordable robes and cassocks for men and women throughout the nation. She can customize beautiful garments for you that are one of a kind.

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